Pela records new record


Pela’s recorded at Saltlands for a few weeks, coming close to completing their up coming release “Rise Ye Sunken Ships.”  The album is highly anticipated by many a local Brooklyn-ite as well as many a Seattle-ite.  This band has gained quite a fan base in the Northwest.  KEXP’s “John in the Morning” is a devout Pela enthusiast, as he helps these guys put on shows out in Seattle on a regular basis and gives them airtime and live studio performances on a regular basis.

The story of the making of this record is a long one, and as many Pela fans know, they originally recorded the whole thing in late 2007 in LA but decided to scrap it all.  So starting from scratch this year, they recorded drums and some other basic tracks at Headgear in Brooklyn, and then finished for a few weeks with Jim Smith at Saltlands.  This included a large dose of guitars, bass, vocals, keys, and percussion overdubs.  Billy’s vocals are unparalleled in their conviction and raw energy, and the overall cohesiveness of the band is something they’ve developed over years of hammering out their notoriously energetic live shows.

Their plan is to release this record in ’09.  Pela fans are ready for it!

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