Alexi Murdoch records new EP

AlexiMurdochSaltlands found a new good friend in Alexi Murdoch, a musician of fine taste in acoustic music.  His first project since his full length “Time Without Consequence,” Alexi’s EP “Towards the Sun” has more in store for the fans of his lush arrangements of rich simplicity and musicianship.  For these new tracks he came prepared with the acoustic guitar and vocal having already been recorded in analog in Vancouver, B.C., and continued with Jim as they spent a few weeks arranging, recording, and generally creating.  They worked out rhythm accompaniment instruments, featured and solo overdubs, background vocals, and ambient textures from various avenues of the imagination.  He occasionally brought in some musician friends to help out with the tracking of his horns.

The result of all this is immediately available, as an unofficial copy of the EP is being sold at shows along his tour this April!  It is also available via Alexi’s myspace.

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