Seb Leon

Seb Leon from End Up Records has started recording another album, this time produced by Seb with James Truman and engineer Jim Smith at Saltlands. Seb’s last few efforts were recorded at a church in Brooklyn, a shared live set with Caithlin DeMarrais (ex-Rainer Maria and co-founder of End Up Records) from Joe’s Pub, and another Saltlands-based creation and collaboration with the Alan Lomax foundation. The latter was a “multi-channel sound installation” that the listener can remix given their proximity to the different speakers in the space. In short, the man does some interesting and quality work.

Seb brought in a solid team of players (some of them his regulars), including Kyle Fischer (also a founder of End Up Records), stellar drummer Konrad Meissner, Rob Vaczy on bass, and guitar champ Chris Masterson. More guitars were added by Seb and Neil DeLucas… which maks for a lot of guitar, but it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t expect a hootenanny or Built To Spill-esque guitar-a-thon, but instead tasteful layers of affected guitar sounds. The two day session evolved from lyrics and ideas, nothing concrete. The band’s artistic approach was a far cry from a bash-em-out session. In Seb’s words, “We were all very focused. 10 new songs in 2 days, you have to be focused! No wine, no beer, no cigarettes, just salted cashew nuts and some tea.” Instead to blow off steam, the group chose a rooftop excursion, taking in the scenery.

When asked about his return to Saltlands, Seb said, “The process of making music to me happens in the studio, with creative musicians who understand my world and my intentions. So I have to feel like the studio is like my living room or something, a studio in the artistic sense. A place to make art. A place to experiment with instruments, people. A place for collaboration and creation. And this is Saltlands.” (He also mentioned the vintage gear. Of course.)

Expected out in the spring of 2011, the as-yet untitled record’s format is also undecided, but we’re reassured this will be another vinyl release.

Seb Leon
Seb at End Up Records

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