Balthrop, Alabama set to complete new album

Balthrop, Alabama

Illustration by Michael Arthur.


Our friends Balthrop, Alabama have been in and out of the studio a lot recently, recording and beginning to mix their new album!

Self-described as a “bustling folk rock township,” the band has approximately 11 members and is headed by the chief singers/town founders Pascal and Lauren Balthrop, Alabama-born siblings from whom the band gets its name. Working with producer/band member Josh Kaufman and house engineer Jim Smith, the band is nearly complete in tracking and we are all very excited to be hearing the state of these well crafted tunes.

The illustration above comes from band/town member Michael Arthur, who performs live, projected drawings during the band’s set. He is also the official artist for Joe’s Pub, in New York.

For more information on Balthrop, Alabama visit their website or facebook page. Also see endup records.

For more information on Michael Arthur, visit his website, or follow his blog.

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