It’s time for a big update on the sessions at Saltlands, as of late.  We’ve been super busy upgrading the studio since the beginning of the year and now we’re getting into the studio flow again!  Here’s the month by month recap.

photo by Guy Kokken

April 2012

The first week in April, Saltlands welcomed the artist Trixie Whitley along with producer Thomas Bartlett (Doveman).  They did some additional tracking with Saltlands owner Steve Salett engineering and Nick Smeraski assisting.  Prior to that, Dawn Landes engineered on a session with Kristin Andreasson for a children’s project.  Now, we’re almost halfway through the month and Gary Maurer stacked our calendar by working on a  film project and tracking and mixing with the band Little Silver.  Oh, and at 9pm tonight, April 10 our friends Balthrop, Alabama will play an album release show at Joe’s Pub.

March 2012

Saltlands stayed busy in March with the  Yellowbirds  tracking basics with Jim Smith.  Jim also did some mixing for The Well-Informed and recorded a ton of interviews for our neighbors at Bayard Studios for a project they’re doing with a Russian museum.  In mid-March, Devin Greenwood tracked horn and piano overdubs for Yoni Gordon and at the end of the month Jan Bell was in mixing a bunch of tracks with Jason Mercer.  Finally, Whale Belly came in to track basics for their sophomore record with engineer/producer Nick Smeraski and Avery Medjuck assisting.  They’re sending us some photos of their session, so we’ll be posting more about Whale Belly soon.

February 2012

February saw Takka Takka in the Saltlands B Room and Gary Maurer mixing Claire Perkins in the main room.  Gary did some work on the Little Silver EP.  Later, Luke Reynolds from Guster popped in to throw some bass tracks down for Gabriel S. Tajeau with Jim Smith engineering.  Jim also worked with Georgiana Starlington in the A Room and mixed the Phenomenal Handclap Band in the B Room.  Let’s not forget that engineer Dawn Landes tracked with Yoni Gordon. To wrap up February, Saltlands hosted mixing sessions for Hem and The Well-Informed.

January 2012

January opened with Dawn Landes producing and engineering for Romi Bachar along with the artist Liz Hanley.  Moxie Block moved on from the A Room and did some vocals in the B Room.  Sufjan Stevens spent some time in the B Room as well, working with engineer Devin Greenwood. By mid-January, Gary Maurer was continuing work with Anne Heaton and Claire Perkins.  Eli Janney was in tracking Northern Bells and producer Felix McTeigue tracked with engineer Paul Johnson.  The B Room also hosted Project Trio and Denison Witmer.

Wow!!! That was a lot!  I hope you managed to make it through the read. Happy spring!

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