Photo by Shawn Brackbill

Photo by Shawn Brackbill

Last month the Brooklyn quintet, My Best Fiend, began tracking a new EP with Saltland’s engineer, Jim Smith. My Best Fiend released their debut album In Ghostlike Fading earlier this year on Warp Records and recently completed their first ever UK and European tour.

Though it was the band’s first time recording at Saltlands, the group seemed right at home. MBF tracked most of their new material live in the studio, and according to Smith, the sessions had a “natural progression,” and “a vibe that was caught right away.” In keeping with the band’s rich, vintage-rock feel, the group recorded everything to tape and utilized Saltland’s almighty Ampeg B-15 on bass as well as their own vintage Music Man amps on guitars. Upcoming sessions to complete the EP are in the works.

To get a taste of My Best Fiend (if you haven’t already) check out the track “cracking eggs” from their debut album In Ghostlike Fading.

Author: Jesse O'Connor
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