Let’s recap what happened in late 2012.

Thomas Bartlett, Sharon Van Etten, Kyp Malone

Thomas Bartlett, Sharon Van Etten, Kyp Malone

Engineer Ted Young worked in Saltlands for the first time. He tracked the enthusiastic Morningside Lane from New Jersey. Justin Colletti (Trust Me, I’m A Scientist) stopped by to do some guitar overdubs in our B Room. Saltlands house engineer, Jim Smith, spent time recording with Blake Hazard, Alecia Chakour, The Well Informed, My Best Fiend, Seb Leon and Sharon Van Etten with Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater producing. Nice one!

Our lovely, Dawn Landes tracked the Sirens of BrooklynKenji Shinagawa and did some vocal tracking for Kyp Malone (Rain Machine, TVOTR).  Saltlands chief engineer, Gary Maurer, spent some time recording with his band Hem and mixing for Linda Draper with Matt Keating producing.  Saltlands partner, Eli Janney popped in for some composing and engineering for a couple of TV spots and to do an interview for Universal Audio .  Keep an eye out for The Perennials. These up and comers marched forward with their writing sessions with producer Thomas Bartlett (Doveman). Oh, and let’s not forget that Mr. Bartlett also spent time tracking and writing with Hannah Cohen in late November.

Check back with us soon for a Saltmines update.

– post by Jackie Lin Werner

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