Photo by Kristin Hatleberg

Memory & Control’s Jim Smith in session at Saltlands Studio | Photo by Kristin Hatleberg

Memory & Control is an art music project produced by Saltlands house engineer Jim Smith. It incorporates analog synthesizers that feature both memory and control, memory being the ability to store sounds for recall and control being the ability to be sequenced by external devices. The system is designed for it’s compositional advantages and also to allow for mechanical-visual art pieces to be synchronized to individual instruments’ signals in live performance.

Photo by Kristin Hatleberg

Memory & Control’s workbench in Jim Smith’s creative space | Photo by Kristin Hatleberg

There have been a couple M / C recording sessions in Saltlands recently, and material will be released in the coming months. The official releases will exist within platforms of Soundcloud and the like, and will also exist on cassette and vinyl.
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