Longshoreman recording

Brooklyn artist Longshoreman has just finished a two week remote session in rural Virginia, produced and engineered by Jim Smith. While preparing material over the winter, it was decided that the bulk of tracking would benefit from being done in a remote location, and a friend of the artist connected them to her family’s historic river house on the Rappahannock River.  The house was originally built in the mid 17th century, and was part of the Washington family.

Longshoreman Virginia House
 Much of the full length has been captured within the sound of this large old house, with ambient microphones moved around different places in the far stretches of hallways and upstairs for distant natural reverberant effects. Jim brought his Studer 169 console, a portable board that he acquired for remote setups. Additonal tracking will take place in the Saltmines in the coming months. Check back for announcements regarding release.

– photos by Kristen Hatleberg

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