The Bright Siders
The Bright Siders: Empowering Music for Kids is a project by Kristin Andreassen and psychiatrist Dr. Kari Groff which was partially recorded at Saltlands with engineer Dawn Landes. They enlisted some of their favorite musicians to record songs and skits about the emotions that kids face.  “Forever Friends” is about moving to a new school. The song and skit, are posted along with some conversation-starters and reading suggestions from Dr. Groff.

Musicians on this track include Stephanie Coleman (Uncle Earl)Chris Eldridge & Paul Kowert (Punch Brothers), Mike Riddleberger (The Defibulators), banjo guru Joel Wennerstrom and Kristin Andreassen. Their goal is to provide a starting point for parents to have meaningful conversations with their kids about emotions. “Forever Friends” is about moving, and about dealing with change. Other songs address common experiences like making mistakes, bullies, getting mad or sad (and of course, some songs are just about having fun!).
Have a listen and share it with the kids in your life!
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