Saltlands isn’t just a studio, it’s a music community that is home to musicians, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, production rooms and other industry professionals. We enjoy engaging and collaborating with artists, producers, labels, ad agencies and the like. Here are a few of our friends and affiliations:

Barque Management – artist and producer management
Brassland – independent record label and artist management
BTR (Break Thru Radio) – bands perform live in Saltlands for this show
Concerted Efforts – music booking agency
Ecstatic Electric – pro-audio, vintage audio, microphone and gear rentals
HiFi Project – creative bi-coastal music house with music services
Motherlodge – Ray Rizzo’s mobile Live Arts Exchange
Ninja Tune – Independent record label
100m Records – record label and partners of Sugarcube and Little Water Radio 
Patrick Dillett – producer, mixer engineer
Ring the Alarm – music house and record label
Saltlands Media Group – creative music licensing and artist development
Saltlands Microphones – microphone and gear rental
Serious Business Records – classy record label run by Travis Harrison
The Bomber Jacket
Thomas Bartlett (Doveman) – artist, producer, music director
Vintage Microphones – gear rental from a great guy
Here are some more People