Dawn Landes

Engineer | Producer | Songwriter

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Dawn Landes is an American singer-songwriter and musician originally from Louisville, Kentucky. As a recording artist she has released five full-length albums: Dawn’s Music (2005), Fireproof (2008), Sweetheart Rodeo (2010), and Mal Habillée (2012) and two EPs:Straight Lines (2006) and Mal Habillée (2012).  In support of her releases, Landes has toured extensively in the US, Europe and around the world, often sharing the stage with artists such as Ray LamontagneFeistAndrew BirdJosé GonzálezThe WeakerthansMidlake and Suzanne Vega.

A skilled producer and engineer, she has worked at Stratosphere Sound in New York City and at Philip Glass‘ own personal recording studio. In 2009, Landes helped found Saltlands Studio in Brooklyn, NY. She has collaborated with contemporaries like Justin Townes Earle, Will Oldham and Josh Ritter in the studio. Her songs have been featured in popular films and TV shows, including Bored to DeathSkinsHouseGossip Girl and United States of Tara. She composed original scores for two feature films Blackbird and Familiar Strangers and wrote the end credit song for Savage Grace starring Julianne Moore.  Landes has appeared with The American Songbook Series, Boston Pops and in 2012 with the NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center for the new Benjamin Millepied ballet “Two Hearts” singing a balled entitled “The Brown Girl” as part of composer Nico Muhly‘s score.

Her latest release, Mal Habillée, a collection of original french songs in the style of Ye-Ye was released in June 2012. It features guest vocals by Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) and Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) and an interactive ebook with illustrations by the artist Danica Novgorodoff to accompany the text. Landes is a member of all-girl trio The Bandana Splits


Year   Artist                             Album                                        Contribution
2004   Hem                             Evening Land                             vocals, engineer
2004   Joseph Arthur              Our Shadows Will Remain         engineer
2005   Dawn Landes              Dawn’s Music                             writer, producer, singer, engineer
2006   Hem                             No Word from Tom                     vocals, glockenspiel, engineer
2006   Hem                             Funnel Cloud                             group member, vocals, percussion
2006   Joseph Arthur              Nuclear Daydream                     vocals, engineer
2007   The Earlies                  The Enemy Chorus                    vocals
2007   Ben Weaver                 Paper Sky                                  vocals, production
2008   Dawn Landes              Fireproof                                    writer, producer, singer, engineer
2008   Apollo Sunshine          Shall Noise Upon                   vocals
2009   Doveman                     The Conformist                          vocals
2009   Adam Acaragi              I Am Become Joy                      vocals
2009   Dawn Landes              Gossip Girl Soundtrack             writer, producer, singer, engineer
2010   Dawn Landes              Bored to Death Soundtrack       writer, producer, singer, engineer
2010   Turner Cody                Gangbusters                                    vocals
2010   Josh Ritter                   So Runs the World Away              vocals, engineer
2010   Justin Townes Earle    Do I Ever Cross Your Mind        vocals, guitar, engineer
2010   Dawn Landes              Sweetheart Rodeo                       writer, producer, singer, engineer
2011   Jolie Holland                Pint of Blood                                  engineer
2011   Sondre Lerche             Sondre Lerche                                 vocals, engineer
2011   The Bandana Splits     Meet the Bandana Splits           writer, producer, singer, engineer
2011   Alexi Murdoch              Towards the Sun                            vocals
2011  Justin Townes Earle      Rave On-Buddy Holly Tribute   engineer, vocals
2012   Dawn Landes              Mal Habillée                                        writer, producer, singer, engineer
2012  The Poison Tree           The Poison Tree                                vocals, engineer
2012  Kyp Malone                  Rain Machine                                      engineer
2013  Himalayas Marching Band  “Shotgun Sessions”              engineer
2013  The Bright Siders          Jumpin Through Hoops (kids)      engineer
Songs in Other Media
2005 “Kissing Song” and “You Alone” featured in the film Winter Passing, starring Will Ferrell and Zoey Deschanel.
2007  original musical score for feature film “Blackbird” starring Gillian Jacobs.
2008  co-written score for feature film “Familiar Strangers” starring Nikki Reed.
2008 Song “Straight Lines” used in television advertisement for Axe Body spray, and Transport for London in the UK.
2008 “Lullaby for Tony” written for the closing credits of the film Savage Grace, starring Julianne Moore.
2009 “Straight Lines” used in a commercial for Chrysler Town & Country.
2009 “Straight Lines” and “toy piano” used in Showtime series United States of Tara.
2009 The song “Drive” was used in the “Under My Skin” episode of the fifth season of the Fox series House M.D.
2009 The hidden track “I Won’t Back Down”, a cover of Tom Petty, was used for the Human Rights Campaign
2009 The track “Toy Piano” from the album Fireproof was used in an episode of Showtime series Californication
2009 The songs “Romeo” and “Toy Piano” featured in the HBO series Bored to Death.
2010 The track “Twilight” was used in an episode of Holby City.
2010 The track “Mud and Stars” was used in the Australian mini-series Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities.
2010 “All Dressed in White” was used in the series four premiere of Skins.
2011  co-written song “Sometimes” by The Bandana Splits featured in an episode of HBO series Bored to Death
2011 “Straight Lines” featured at the end of the documentary “When Harry Left Hogwarts” released as special feature in the Blu-ray version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.