Rates | Booking

SALTLANDS STUDIO is closed. Please visit our new studio Reservoir.

Saltlands Studio days are 10 hours from door opening to closing (this includes time to back up files).  Our typical hours are 12pm-10pm. Adjusted start times will be considered.  Additional hours will be charged at the hourly book rates.


Please inquire or email info@saltlands.com

There is a 3 hour minimum for hourly sessions.


BOOKING:  You can contact info@saltlands.com to inquire about available dates and to place time on hold.  Once you place time on hold, if another client inquires about your time and is ready to secure their dates with a deposit, we will contact you to give you the opportunity to confirm your time with a deposit.  If you are unable to confirm your time with a deposit within 24 hours of contact, your dates will be released and forfeited to the other client.

DEPOSIT:  Saltands requires a 50% deposit to book and secure your dates and confirm your time with the studio.  Final balance is due on or before the last day of your session.  No materials or files can be released without payment in full.

CANCELLATIONS:  If any part of a client’s confirmed time is canceled during or prior to the session, the client will be charged for any and all time that the studio is unable to book another client.


Saltlands prefers cash, money orders and checks.  We do accept Paypal, but please send to “friends or family” to avoid transaction fees.  (Note:  Paypal still charges you a fee if you use your credit card.)  Our Paypal account is saltlands@gmail.com


We tune our piano regularly. If you request a piano tune for your session, please schedule it when booking. The fee is $130.


New 2″ Tape:  $375 for purchase (please schedule this in advance)
New 1/2″ Quantegy 499: $90 for purchase (limited supply)
New 1/2″: $130 for purchase (please schedule this in advance)
Gently Used 2″ Tape:  $150 for purchase (when available)
Used 2″ Tape: $50 per day rental (when available)
Used 1/2″ Tape:  $20 per day rental (when available)

++++please let us know your tape needs in advance++++


Please arrive at your session with an external hard drive to back up to at the end of each day.  Saltlands will keep a back up of your session for a short time, but is not responsible for archiving your sessions.


A surcharge of $75 per day will be added to your bill if your session extends beyond midnight.


Saltlands assumes no responsibility for items left on the studio premises and assumes no liability for loss or damage.