The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Recently The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players finished their new full length, with Jim Smith … [Read more...]

Jesse Neuman and Wolf Face

This neo jazz rock album was recorded at Saltlands by Jim Smith, and will be released this fall. You … [Read more...]

The Gray Goods

The Gray Goods, of 1928 Recordings, recorded and mixed 3 songs with Jim Smith.  Soon to be … [Read more...]

Nate Martinez (formerly of Pela) with Bryan Devendorf (The National)

Nate Martinez worked with Bryan Devendorf drumming and Jim Smith engineering to put down drums on … [Read more...]

The Robbers on High Street

The Robbers on High Street are currently recording at the studio.  They are the first band to record … [Read more...]

The Present

The Present, the New York band of Rusty Santos, Mina, and Jesse Lee, recorded at Saltlands for a … [Read more...]

Dawn Landes – “Sweet Heart Rodeo”

"Sweet Heart Rodeo" is finished and due for release in the U.S. in January. Dawn recorded her new … [Read more...]

“Away We Go” Soundtrack

Alexi Murdoch provided the entire soundtrack for the new Sam Mendes film, "Away We Go." Three of the … [Read more...]

Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter recorded some material for a few days at Saltlands, taking the upcoming album one step … [Read more...]

Au Revoir Simone records “All or Nothing”

This lovely band graced our studio with a terrific song off of their new record "Still Night, Still … [Read more...]